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Our Mission

Our mission is to help industry and government work together to solve operational problems in natural disasters and now the COVID-19 pandemic for the overall public/private benefit.

We work directly with state/local governments, FEMA, DHS, and other federal agencies year round.

We also work with thousands of private sector companies and associations across multiple sectors including energy, communications, transportation, food, water, healthcare, finance, retail, and information technology

Currently the COVID-19 pandemic many of our stakeholders engaged in trying to find manufacturers and distributors of PPE suppliers and cleaning/disinfecting services.

Stories are everywhere about rip off artists using misleading websites to take advantage of well-meaning buyers of PPE.

As a result, the AHC has been commissioned by industry to create a 'trusted" community of nationwide PPE suppliers and available inventory for industry and government to use over the next 18-24 months..... or longer.

The AHC operates the Sensitive Information Sharing Environment (SISE) which is a nationally recognized legal trust framework designed to support trusted information sharing between industry and government.

  * The SISE has been used to share vetted information during a number of national disasters since 2013 including wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, winter storms and industrial accidents.
  * The SISE is now activated for the COVID-19 pandemic and manages a national vetted information hub used by thousands of stakeholders at :
  * The SISE community is now developing a National PPE Exchange capability to connected vetted PPE suppliers with available inventory to potential customers in industry and government.
  * The SISE is not a buying entity, only a trusted facilitator of people and information

The National PPE Exchange
With the current demand for PPE estimated to continue (and in some cases grow) over the next 18-24 months, industry and government organizations of all sizes are looking for a more trusted environment to reduce their risks when purchasing the following PPE items right now:

  * Mask (all types, medical and non-medical)
  * Gloves
  * Gowns
  * Face shields
  * Hand Sanitizers

The PPE Exchange Program Opportunity
We want to invite you to participate in this National PPE Exchange program while it is developing over the next 45 days.

This program will provide several benefits to both suppliers and buyers:

  * Provides you with national exposure to thousands of companies and government agencies (50,000+)
  * Lists you a trusted, vetted PPE supplier by the SISE
  * Levels the playing field for all suppliers regardless of size or location
  * Increases sales channels and opportunities
  * Provide a mechanism for you to communicate what PPE you have available
  * Protects your information within the SISE
  * No cost to you for participating

  * Access to a SISE vetted list of PPE suppliers
  * Saves staff time searching the web for unvetted or trusted suppliers
  * Increases options for finding PPE suppliers across the U.S.
  * Reduces legal and operational risks

Once completed, the National PPE Exchange will allow vetted customers who want to reduce their PPE purchasing risks to access the a secure, online, non-public website (via the SISE) and view vetted supplier information and any available inventory.

The inventory module is under development currently.
Current Program Timelines:
● May 20 thru June 12, 2020 - PPE Supplier Enrollment Period
● June 15 thru 26, 2020 - PPE Exchange (inventory module) operational testing with suppliers
● June 29 thru July 10, 2020 - PPE Exchange (client module) operational testing with buyers
● July 13 - Launch PPE Exchange
● July 13 - 31, 2020 - PPE Exchange National Marketing/Outreach


Suppliers who enroll in the program will receive training (online) along with additional information on the program as it develops.

We look forward to working with you and your organization in this important public/private initiative to protect the nation's employees and citizens over the next 12-24 months. 


Tom Moran
Executive Director
All Hazards Consortium
All Rights Reserved 2020 © Copyright All Hazards Consortium
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