Safely Find PPE Faster

Safely Find PPE Fast

National Vetted PPE Exchange

National Vetted PPE Exchange

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) supplies
Version: 2.0
The fastest, most secure PPE sourcing service available today! Quickly find State Side, Certified Approved PPE at Competitive Prices. Expedite your logistics and procurement processes that require you to get multiple bids quickly.
Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) supplies
Version: 2.0
*** NOTE: The site is for PPE Buyers.  PPE Vendor/Supplier please visit the link below ***

How It Works - We help businesses source PPE Fast!

The National Vetted PPE Exchange was developed to provide PPE buyers and suppliers with a more secure, trusted, faster and cost-effective PPE sourcing framework by using new unique approaches and technologies to connect PPE buyers with "ready to ship" inventories from 6,500+ vetted (see definition of "vetted" below) suppliers in the U.S....within in minutes.
No more cold calls & endless internet searches. We make it easy for you to find and procure PPE from reputable suppliers. There’s nothing worse than getting your hopes up, then not being able to find what you want. That won’t happen now. Find exactly what your looking for without the guesswork. We’ll match you with national suppliers who fit your PPE needs and get you multiple quotes faster to help you save time and stay compliant with your procurement processes.

Behind the Scenes

See How We've Made Sourcing Automation Easy.

Take a quick product tour now and see for yourself how the process works.

Benefits of Sourcing Direct From Suppliers

Experience Marketplace Speed

Source PPE supplies straight from the national pool of vetted suppliers. This service does all the research, information collection, and aggregates competitive PPE quotes for you in a single place within minutes vs. hours or days. 
  • NEW:  Marketplace sourcing model that alerts 6500+ vetted PPE suppliers in U.S. to your PPE requests. within minutes.
  • Medical & Construction PPE from vetted suppliers at competitive costs.

Safety & Trust

All suppliers are vetted (see FAQs for definition) to validate their company information, based in the USA with stateside inventory ready to ship. This creates a more trusted environment for your PPE sourcing.
  • ​​Trusted Framework: Designed by PPE buyers & suppliers for COVID-19
  • Guarantee: Tokens replenished if you get no replies to a request
  • Safe: Operated by All Hazards Consortium, a 15 yr old 501(c)3 non-profit

Fast & Flexible

Faster Responses: Our technology lets you reach thousands of vetted suppliers with your requests within minutes. Flexible: Easy to use on any device. Can be customized to meet your needs. 
  • ​​Speed: Get competitive quotes within minutes.
  • PPE Origin: Only "ready to ship immediately" stateside inventories allowed from suppliers.
  • This is the fastest, most secure PPE sourcing service available today!

Meet Our Request Token

Its Simple...One Token = One Request. The tokens are pre-purchased inside the app and used to create a new PPE request across the vetted supplier network. Why tokens? The tokens are a fraction of the labor hours & costs you will spend anyway to research, vetted, collect, compare and finalize multiple PPE quotes. What the PPE Exchange does in minutes with 6500+ suppliers will normal take you hours or days (based on actual buyer feedback). 

What is a PPE Request Token?

In-app token purchases are loaded into your account wallet.

Bundle and Save $

Save money – Prepay and get a volume discount. Save up to 30% when you buy Bundles of Tokens

Quick Start Your PPE sourcing in minutes!

If you need to know the WHO,the What, and the How of PPE Sourcing in under 30 minutes, then This is For You! 
  •  Get ​(6) Six Request Tokens (Value: $750) - Be Your Organization's PPE Hero! 
  • Training: PPE Procurement Best Practices (Value: $1,200) - "Do's & Don'ts" from industry professionals
  • ​​Member Setup (Value: $750) - Access The Secure SISE Trust Network
Quick Start Package
Purchase Includes:
  • (6) Six Request Tokens (Value: $750)
  • Training: Best Practices (Value: $1,200)
  • ​Member Setup (Value: $750)

Total Value : $2,700 

Join Pilot Program Today

Quick Start Package
Purchase Includes:
  • (2) Two Request Tokens

Total Value : $240 

If your request does not get a single reply, we will
REFUND your token to your account

Supporters & Advisors

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

How does this service reduce my staff time?
If you currently have people searching for PPE supplies, they spend hours researching and contacting potential suppliers before they actually get qualified offers to make decisions on. This service replaces all of those research efforts and adds the scalability to connect with thousands of suppliers to find the 10-15 who have what you are looking for at this point in time. The service will reduce typical research/sourcing staff time by 50% to 80% immediately.
How soon can I expect responses to my PPE requests?
Based on past experience, most people will get initial responses back to their PPE request within a few minutes during normal business hours.
What make this service unique? 
Speed. Trust. National reach. This is the only national service that vettes all users for increased trust and provides a unique technology that allows buyers to reach 1000's of vetted suppliers within minutes of making their PPE purchase requests.
What does "certified" PPE mean?
Certified means the specific product has been tested by OSHA and other agency processes to meet the minimum performance standards. Many certifications come with a certificate that a supplier can provide. 

How long does enrollment take?
Less than 4-6 mins based on actual tests.
How has Government Been Involved?
Federal and state government agencies serve as advisors to the AHC via its working groups on most all matters that involved planning, research or solution development. Governments cannot endorse any specific solution of course, but they were valuable "advisors" in the development and testing of the National Vetted PPE Exchange..along with industry

What does "vetted" mean? 
Within the National Vetted PPE Exchange, each supplier goes through a detailed digital and human based validation process comprised of ongoing digital validations several hundred times per year along with personal phone calls to validate the company and contact information. Additionally, the All Hazards Consortium provides a second layer of "vetting". Suppliers enroll into this service and again provide their company and contact information and agree to the disclaimers and operating terms of the exchange.

Why is the Service Not Free?
Free sites attract spam and cannot provide the customer support and monitoring. Charging a nominal service fee up front reduces spam and fraud, increases the overall trust of the exchange, and contributes to the support and monitoring capabilities that most other exchanges don't provide. When compared to the actual labor costs PPE buyers will expend in online research, making multiple phone calls and answering multiple emails to find the one supplier who has what they need at that moment in time, the initial service fee is a low cost/high value investment.
How is this new service proven?
This service is a natural extension of the disaster information that the AHC has been doing for 15 years. This service leverages millions of dollars of research, investments and labor hours that provide the legal, process, policy and technology components to make the capability reliable and functional just like to 100+ other information solutions that have been developed by the AHC over the years and being used now in industry and government.

Why Request Tokens?
Our working group of PPE Buyers in industry designed the pay-per-use model that uses per-purchased digital tokens. The tokens cost replaces your staff labor costs that you will spend getting multiple PPE quotes from 6500+ vetted suppliers within minutes vs.hours/days.

When suppliers get 50 requests/day, they don't which ones are real or not (based on supplier feedback.Tokens also help PPE suppliers answer your requests faster because they know requests coming form the PPE Exchange are valid requests from human beings..instead of spam. competitors posing as buyers, and price checker who waster their time in this hectic PPE market.
Who is the All Hazards Consortium (AHC)?
The AHC is a 15-year-old, 501c3 nationwide nonprofit organization with 45,000+ stakeholders that work on a variety of public/private issues in order to help businesses get back to business faster, communities to recover more quickly, and to prepare of the nation for any type of disaster through planning, information sharing and coordinated response.
What’s a PPE Request Token worth?
Currently, 1 token is valued at approx. $120.00. Discounts available. PPE Request Tokens are not redeemable for cash. 
Can Additional Products be Added to the PPE Exchange?
Yes, the Buyers can provide recommendations to add specific items to the exchange at any time. Once approved, new item are added within 2 business days or less.

Can I return tokens?
No, unfortunately not. All token purchases are final.

What support is available? 
For subscribers we currently offer email based technical support to our customers from 8:00am to 5:00pm ET.
Where can I keep my tokens?
Every account created within this service comes with its own in-app digital wallet where you can store your PPE request tokens. 
Sell PPE Supplies?
Do you sell PPE supplies stored stateside?
Become a vetted supplier and get instutional buyers.

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What is the Sensitive Information Sharing Environment (SISE)?

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